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If you are intrigued by interpersonal relationships, by how people from different cultures communicate, or by communication in large organizations, you will find a lot to your liking in the communication management major at Cleveland State University. The major has five sequences: relational communication, intercultural communication, organizational communication, health communication and mediation. Coursework offers a broad-based overview of the dynamics of human relationships, providing students with insights and job-related training. Our graduates gain a thoughtful appreciation of communication complexities, as well as ways to harness communication to improve the overall quality of life.

Health care organizations seek employees with sensitivity to doctor-patient communication, a focus of the health communication sequence. Corporations seek specialists in team-building and leadership, dimensions of the organizational communication area.


Communication management jobs are likely to be on the upswing over the next decade. Demand for health services managers, an occupation that requires interpersonal and health communication expertise, is projected to increase by 34 percent from 2002-2012. These jobs are projected to increase rapidly in Northern Ohio, with its heavy concentration of health providers. The job outlook for training managers, sales representatives and experts in negotiation (particularly with a cross-cultural bent) is promising.

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  • Director of corporate communication
  • Training specialist
  • Fundraiser
  • Arts administrator
  • Mediation expert
  • Nonprofit organization director

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Create powerful images with sight, sound, motion & words

Write press releases, scripts, or other promotional materials

Ability to write clearly

Effective speaking

Present specific viewpoints

Influential/persuasion skills

Synthesizing information

Interpretation skills

Reporting and editing skills

Create entertaining and persuasive

Demonstrate creativity and artistic expression

Define hypotheses

Evaluate ideas and presentation

Gather information and data

Compare and contrast evidence

Evaluate information and sources

Critical thinking skills

Develop market research

Measure media effects

Planning and managing skills

Work with deadlines

Work independently

Attention to details

Work in teams / small groups

Identify and manage different needs of individuals, groups, etc.

Understand institutional and cultural values


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