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Chemical engineers build a bridge between science and manufacturing, applying the principles of chemistry and engineering to solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals. They design equipment and develop processes for large-scale chemical manufacturing, plan and test methods of manufacturing products and treating byproducts, and supervise production. Chemical engineers also work in a variety of manufacturing industries other than chemical manufacturing, such as those producing electronics, photographic equipment, clothing, and pulp and paper. They also work in the healthcare, biotechnology, and business services industries.

The knowledge and duties of chemical engineers overlap many fields. Chemical engineers apply principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and mechanical and electrical engineering. They frequently specialize in a particular chemical process such as oxidation or polymerization. Others specialize in a particular field, such as materials science, or the development of specific products such as fertilizers and pesticides, automotive plastics, or chlorine bleach. They must be aware of all aspects of chemicals manufacturing and how it affects the environment, the safety of workers, and customers. Because chemical engineers use computer technology to optimize all phases of research and production, they need to understand how to apply computer skills to chemical process analysis, automated control systems, and statistical quality control.

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  • Process Design Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Plant Process Engineer
  • Process Safety Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Product Engineer
  • Manufacturing Production Engineer
  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Attorney
  • Biomedical Specialist
  • Computer Applications and Technology Engineer
  • Technical Manager
  • Business Coordinator
  • Professor
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Regulatory Affairs Engineer
  • Technical Services Engineer
  • Sales and Marketing Engineer



Problem solving Analytical skills
Sound theoretical approach Modeling skills
Strong organizational skills Time management
Interpreting data Evaluation processes, designs and products




  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    Supports professional standards, ethics and education. With details of programs and activities.
  • MIT Libraries - Chemistry & Chemical Eng. Resources
    Browse links to professional societies, job announcements, grant resources and journals.
  • ACS Publications
    Peruse American Chemical Society news and services, including society publications such as LabGuide and Chemcyclopedia.
  • American Chemical Society
    Scientific organization representing chemists, chemical engineers, and technicians offers meeting dates and a job bank.
    Chemical Engineering magazine supplies articles, classifieds, product reviews, and a seminar calendar.
  • ChemCenter
    American Chemical Society provides advanced resources in the chemical sciences. Follow research, contact companies, and search databases.
    Directory of chemical information on the Internet offers details of physical properties and structures. Search databases and indexes.
  • Chemical Educator
    Peer-reviewed journal includes forums and feature articles, and is supplemented by a video. Find subscriptions details.
  • Chemistry and Industry
    International science and business magazine covers pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food science and the environment.
  • Communication Skills for Chemists
    Handbook teaches chemists to communicate with other scientists as well as the outside world. Learn how to write a report or give a presentation.
  • Electrochemical Society
    International organization describes its student resources, offers FAQs, and provides career information as well as job opportunities.
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