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Career change, career transitions, career planning, career development, career choices; life-works, entrepreneurship, finding your passion, fantasy job -- in today's work environment, these terms identify some of the needs of the professional who wants to review and assess the options of changing the direction of his/her career. CSU Career Services for Alum supports this transition in your life and is available to assist you as you explore alternatives to your current situation.

If you are exploring change in your work life, your primary goals are to assess and to clarify your current status or position at work. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you ready for a fresh start in the same career?
  • Are you looking for a change because you feel you may have chosen the wrong career?
  • Do you want to explore the options of entrepreneurship?
  • Do you need to follow your passion?

Whenever you decide to initiate a career or job transition, it is important to follow some basic guidelines.

  1. Begin to take the steps you need to take to pursue your goal or follow your dream. It will take some serious work to make a successful change, so take the first step now.
  2. Assess your current situation, your interests, your skills and values, past successes, volunteer work, projects and passions.
  3. Explore, research and read about the new position or new career.
  4. Gain support of family and friends so they can be a part of your strategic plan.
  5. Network with colleagues, friends and alum, conduct informational interviews, shadow someone who works in your field of interest, volunteer or freelance.
  6. Evaluate your resume and consider how it can be updated to best fit your goals; evaluate and practice your interviewing skills.
  7. Investigate educational opportunities to develop new skills. Take a course relating to the profession or passion that you are pursuing.
  8. Develop a timeline to help you stay on track.
  9. Consider alternative roles within your current field or within your newly chosen field.
  10. Stay focused on your goals and priorities.

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