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Job Search Strategies
Essential Skills & Traits Evaluated in the Interview

  • ACCURACY - The information you provide should be truthful and without error.
  • ALERTNESS - The ability to present yourself as bright, intelligent, and enthusiastic.
  • COMMUNICATION - The ability to present thoughts clearly, openly, & understandably.
  • COURTESY - The polite attention given to other people. CREATIVITY - Developing new ideas, finding better ways of doing things, being imaginative. DEPENDABILITY - The ability to do required jobs well with a minimum of supervision. DRIVE - The desire to attain goals, to achieve. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS - The sensitivity and response to the attitudes, backgrounds, thoughts and feelings of others.
  • KNOWLEDGE - The information concerning chosen field which an individual should know for satisfactory job performance. ORGANIZATION - The ability to systematically structure work tasks.
  • MANAGEMENT - The ability to delegate tasks and supervise others.
  • PERSONAL APPEARANCE - The neat, well-groomed, appropriately dressed image you present to others.
  • PERSONALITY - An individual's behavior characteristics or personality suitable for the job
  • PROBLEM SOLVING - The ability to describe a problem you have encountered, what action you took to resolve it, and the outcome.
  • STABILITY - The ability to withstand pressure and to remain calm in critical situations.