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Mock Interview Program

The Mock Interview Program is designed to help students and alumni effectively prepare for an actual interview situation. Setting up a mock interview is easy! You must come to the Career Services Center in Rhodes Tower West, Room 280 to turn in a resume and schedule your interview. Click here to view the Interview Preparation Handbook. If you prefer, a copy of the handbook will be provided when you drop off your resume and schedule your mock interview.

On the day of your mock interview allow an hour for the process. A general 15 to 20 minute interview will be videotaped with a Career Services staff person acting as the interviewer. The videotape is then played back for a discussion between you and your "interviewer". Your "interviewer" will explain what you handled effectively and the areas in which you need improvement. Not only is the mock interview an excellent method for interviewing practice, but it also provides an opportunity to view yourself---your presentation, image, and communication skills.