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Knockout Factors
knock out factors

Top Ten reasons candidates don't get past the crucial screening interview:

  1. Lack of knowledge or skills necessary to do the job- not qualified
  2. Poor personal appearance (makes a poor first impression).
  3. Not prepared for the interview- failure to conduct research on the company.
  4. No confidence or poise (fails to look the interviewer in the eye, no enthusiasm).
  5. Unable to express ideas clearly (gives vague, evasive or no answer to questions).
  6. Only interest in job is the amount of money the position pays.
  7. Poorly defined short (3-5 yrs) and/or long (5-10 yrs) term career goals.
  8. Asks few/poor questions about the job.
  9. Displays little or no real interest/enthusiasm in the company/field (job shopping).
  10. Unhappy/ unpleasant personality (dislike former jobs, unhappy personal relationships, dissatisfaction with collegiate experience).