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If You are Asked to Relocate

  • Be sure to understand the new job responsibilities, career potential, and fringe benefits offered.
  • Some research and calculations will show if the salary offered will meet any increased living and housing costs. Review the website and the salary calculator for assistance.
  • If part of a two-career family, career plans and goals for both partners should be considered and discussed.
  • If you have school age children or if further college education is planned, the educational facilities of the new city will need to be evaluated.

Relocation Expenses

If accepting a job offer obliges you to uproot yourself and your family, you're obviously going to incur substancial relocation expenses. The question of who pays which expense is negotiable. The larger the company, the more standardized the policy is likely to be.

Consider the following specifics:

  • Travel and lodging costs for house-hunting trips
  • Moving costs
  • Temporary housing costs
  • Assuming the mortgage for the home you currently own
  • An allowance for getting settled
  • A higher cost-of-living subsidy
  • A higher mortgage cost
  • A bridge loan if you're unable to sell your home
  • Outplacement and other assistance for a spouse who has to quit his or her job

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