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If You are Actively Seeking Relocation
  • Narrow your relocation search to a specific region or a couple of cities, instead of focusing on the "South", select a specific area to concentrate your efforts.
  • Focus your search on specific industries and companies by utilizing the Reference USA software available in your local library or Career Services Center.
  • Contact a career services office in the cities in which you are looking to relocate. Some public universities allow the public to use their career services for a small fee (typically the cost of an alumni membership). Most major cities will have career service organizations and companies you can use for free or a fee.
  • Gather information about companies, recruiters and industries by reviewing books and directories available in bookstores and libraries. Publications like the Florida Job Bank book list contact information about larger employers, employment agencies, recruiters and more.
  • Subscribe to the Sunday edition of a city's newspaper or find the online version of the paper to learn about companies that are in a hiring mode, specific job openings, housing costs, politics, and business news.
  • Read or subscribe to local business publications such as Crain's Cleveland Business to learn more about the local business climate.
  • Become aware of local job search websites that provide information about job openings, hiring trends, job search tips and more.
  • The Chamber of Commerce can provide publications to help you become familiar with the culture, industries, and hiring climate of the cities where you seek to relocate.
  • Real estate agencies can help you find a new place to live, but they can also provide information on the hiring climate and economy of the city of relocation.
  • Be sure to compare salaries for cities you are considering. How much will you need to maintain your standard of living in a new city? Use a salary calculator to determine this.
  • Use the Usacitylink site to explore cities in different areas of the country.
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