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Civic Engagement & Social WorkingCivic Engagement & Social Working

Students who are public minded and wish to play significant roles, leading and working in the community at large for the improvement of the human condition will enjoy this experience. Gain a theoretical understanding of communities, how they are formed and operate. Investigate roles of public and private sectors in shaping lives. Explore new strategies for social working and implementation of positive social change. Visit neighborhoods, local institutions, and interact with civic leaders and community activists from around the region.


  • ASC 101 Introduction to University Life
  • MTH 087 Basic Math and Algebra for Liberal Arts Majors
  • SWK 200 Introduction to Social Work
  • UST 240 democracy and the City

Healing Across CulturesHealing Across Cultures

Develop ideas and skills for undergraduate research projects to increase our understanding of the integrated effects of mind, body, spirit, and environment in health and wellness. Examine belief systems, healing practices and age-old traditions of diverse cultures. Study cutting-edge strategies for combining modern medical knowledge and practice with methods and wisdom of traditional healers and elders from around the world, promoting health, wellness, and sustainability. A voluntary international study-research trip to India is planned during Summer 2009. Costs will be discussed in class and Learning Community meetings. Students must enroll in any two of the three courses listed. Students planning to participate in the international study-research trip to India in Summer 2009 must enroll in SWK 399.


  • ANT 321 Psychological Anthropology
  • HSC 341 environmental Health
  • SWK 399 India experience: Pre-departure orientation

Urban SensibilitiesUrban Sensibilities:

Embracing Local Challenges with Global UnderstandingLearn to work and lead effectively in the urban community with an expanded and global understanding of world issues. Develop broad understanding of inter-dependence of local and global communities with advanced problem-solving skills. Engage with leaders and managers working in public, private, and nonprofit sectors and gain knowledge from their experience and guidance. A voluntary 7-10 day international study trip to El Salvador is planned where students will have the experience of total immersion in an urban community, uniquely different from their own. Develop observational research skills. Costs for the international study-trip will be discussed in class and Learning Community meetings.


  • ASC 101 Introduction to University Life
  • MUS 262 nonwestern Popular Music
  • UST 200 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • UST 296 Urban field experience

Virtues, Voices and Vibes in the Spoken WordVirtues, Voices and Vibes in the Spoken Word

Focus on the Spoken Word movement, contemporary performing arts, poetry, singing, and acting. Unique opportunity for students to learn and share their talents with others, performing and competing in special events. Enrolled students will have the additional benefit to study with visiting artists and learn from others who are experienced and excel in the art of literary performance. The Cleveland Playhouse Square Foundation serves as a community collaborator and partner for this Learning Community.


  • ASC 101 Introduction to University Life
  • COM 293 Communication Lab
  • DRA 225 Principles of Acting for television, film, and the Stage
  • MUS 263 Black Music of two Worlds

Engaged Learning
engaged learning
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