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Advising is an invaluable component to any student's academic progress. In the past CSU's professional advising was part of a centralized administrative structure located under Student Services. The advantages of the old structure were many; however, the disadvantage was that advising for first-year students was far removed from faculty, academic departments, and the colleges in which the students would eventually be housed.

Advising on campus has now been restructured to report to Undergraduate Studies. This realignment of student advising with Academic Affairs has resulted in the Office of Advising becoming an extension of the services offered through the University's seven colleges on campus.

The new Advising Office has implemented a decentralized advising system in which central advisors have been distributed to colleges on camps. The new program attaches students directly to their college and departments immediately upon enrolling at the University. The office retains an exploratory advising function that provides special services for provisional, undecided, and at-risk students. Among the many reforms implemented through the new office will be a university-wide advising tracking mechanism, which will allow all campus offices to share information about a student's past advising record. Now when a student transitions from one college to another the new advisor will have access to the students' previous records. Furthermore, colleges will be able to assess their own advising activity because of improved oversight.

A second phase is planned for this advising reform initiative. This next phase will allow for the focus on department-based advising that goes beyond college advising; i.e. the office will employ policies that link students with faculty in departments that offer majors selected by students.

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