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2010 SLA Reports

Office of Student Learning Assessment 2007-2010
Marius Boboc, Director
Debra Sudy, Administrative Coordinator through AY'06

ACADEMIC Checklist
College of  Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)
Department/School Program 2010 2009 2008 2007
Anthropology BA       BA
Art BA: Studio Art, Art History, Art Education       BA
  MA - Art History       MA
Classical and Medieval Studies BA       BA
Communication BA: Communication, Communication Management, Film & Digital Media, Journalism & Promotional Communication       BA
  MA (Applied Communication Theory & Methodology)       MA
Criminology (Sociology) BA       BA
Dramatic Arts BA       BA
Economics BA       BA
  MA       MA
English BA       BA
  MA       MA
  MFA: Creative Writing/NEOMFA       MFA
  Freshman English       101-102
History BA: History, Social Studies       BA
  MA       MA
International Relations BA       No Report
Liberal Studies BA       BA
Linguistics BA       No Report
Modern Languages BA - French       BA
  BA - Spanish       BA
  MA - Spanish       MA
Music BMusic: Composition, Education, Performance, Music Therapy       BMusic
  BA       BA
  MMusic       MMusic
Philosophy BA       BA
  MA       MA
Political Science BA       BA
Religious Studies BA       BA
Social Work BSW       BSW
  MSW       MSW
Sociology BA       BA
  MA       MA
Women's Comprehensive Program
(Women's Studies)
BA       No Report
Nance College of Business Administration
Department Program 2010 2009 2008 2007
Business College BBA       BBA
  MBA       MBA


  Summary       Summary
Accounting BBA       BBA
  MAccountancy       MAcc
Computer and Information Science BBA: Information Systems       BBA
  BS-CIS       BS:CIS
  MCIS       MCIS
Health Care Administration

Finance BBA       BBA
Management and Labor Relations BBA       BBA
  MLabor Relations & Human Resources       MLRHR
Marketing BBA       BBA
Operations Management & Business Statistics BBA       BBA
College of Education and Human Services
Department/School Program 2010 2009 2008 2007
Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance BS Physical Education & Sport Professions       BS
  MEd: Sport Management, Sport & Exercise Psychology       MEd
  MEd: Exercise Science       MEd
  MEd: Community Health Education       MEd
  MEd: Educational Administration       MEd
  MEd: Counselor Education       MEd
  MEd: Adult Learning & Development       MEd
  MEd: Supervision       MEd
  EdS: Counseling; School Administration       No Report
Curriculum & Foundations MEd: Educational Technology; Educational Research; Gifted & Talented Learners       MEd
  MUrban Secondary Teaching      

No Report


Curriculum & Instruction Programs MEd       MEd
Teacher Education BSEd: all teaching licensure programs       Licensure
Doctoral Program PhD: Education       No Report
Nursing BS       BS
  MS       MS
Fenn College of Engineering



Program 2010 2009 2008 2007
Doctoral DRE - Doctoral Eng       No Report
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering BS: Chemical Engineering       BS
  MS: Chemical Engineering       MS
Civil and Environmental Engineering BS - Civil Engineering       BS
  MS - Environmental Engineering       MS
  MS: Civil Engineering       MS
Electrical & Computer Engineering BS: Computer Engineering       BS
  BS: Electrical Engineering       BS
  MS: Electrical Engineering       MS
  MS: Software Engineering       No Report
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering BS: Industrial Engineering      
  MS: Industrial Engineering       MS
Engineering Technology BS: Electrical ET       No Report
  BS: Mechanical ET       No Report
Mechanical Engineering BS       BS
  MS       MS
College of Science
Department Program 2010 2009 2008 2007
Biology, Geology & Environmental Science BS: Biology; Biology-Medical Technology       BS
  BS: Environmental Science       BS  
  BS/BA: Geological Science       BS
  PhD: Regulatory Biology      

No Report

  MS - Biology Thesis       No Report
  MS - Biology Non-Thesis       No Report
  MS: Environmental Science       No Report
Chemistry BS       BS
  MS       MS
  PhD: Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry       PhD
Health Sciences BS: Health Sciences       BS
  BA: Speech & Hearing       BA
  MA: Speech Pathology & Audiology       MA
  MS: Health Sciences       MS
  MOccupational Therapy       MOT
  MPhysical Therapy       MPT
Mathematics BS/BA       BS
  MS/MA       No Report
Physics BS/BA       BS/BA
  MS       MS
Psychology BA       BA
  BS       BS
  MA:Clinical       MA
  MA:Experimental Research       MA
  MA: Diversity Management       MA
  MA: CIRP       MA
  PsyS: School Psychology       PsyS
Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs
Department/School Program 2010 2009 2008 2007

Urban Studies


BA - Environmental Studies       BA
  BA: Public Safety Management       BA
  BA: Urban Services Administration       BA
  BA: Urban Studies       BA
  MA: Environmental Studies       MA
  MPublic Administration       MPA
  MUrban Planning, Design & Development       MUPDD
  MS: Urban Studies       MS
  PhD: Urban Studies & Public Affairs       PhD
Unit Program 2010 2009 2008 2007
Continuing Education Student Learning and Services       CE
Library Access to Information Resources       Library
  Instruction and Information Literacy       Library

Center for International Programs and Services International Admissions

    International Admissions
  Immigration Services       Immigration Services
  Reception of Newly Arriving Students       New Students
Advising Center Athletic Academic Advising      

No Report

  Sophomore & General Studies Advising       No Report
  TRiO       No Report
  Student Support Services       No Report
Writing Center Writing Center       Writing Center
Unit Enrollment Services 2010 2009 2008 2007
Enrollment Management Admissions:
Post Secondary Enrollment Options
  Registrar       No Report
Career Services Senior & Alumni Services       No Report
  Co-op       No Report
  Link/Student Employment      

No Report



Student Affairs & Institutional Diversity        
Counseling & Testing Center Summary       Summary
  Counseling Services       Services
  Outreach and Academic Services (formerly under US)
  Testing Services       Services
Comprehensive Learning Center Summary       Summary
  Disability Services       Services
  Faculty/Staff Mentoring       Services
  Focus Center       Center
  Freshman Orientation       Report
  National Student Exchange       Exchange
  Tutoring Center       Center
Health & Wellness Services Clinic/Health Services       Services
  Wellness Center/Health Services       Services
Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs ODAMA
    No Report
Student Life Student Life Campus Activities/ CLASS Program       Activities
  Student Leadership
    Student Leadership
  Student Organizations
    Student Organizations
  Judicial Affairs       Judicial Affairs
  University Studies       No Report
  Collegiate Studies       No Report

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