Graduate Programs

MSN Nursing Education Courses Pre-Fall 2012 - Masters of Science in Nursing

Note that some of the course titles and credit hours have changed as part of the curriculum update. Some of these changes are reflected in CampusNet already, and some are not. The course numbers have not changed. This table reflects the old course titles and credit hours.

MSN Nursing Education Courses Pre-Fall 2012
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
NUR 501 Introduction to Population Health Nursing 4
NUR 502 Theory Development in Nursing 3
NUR 503 Nursing Research Methods I 3
NUR 505 Introduction to Epidemiology and Demography: A Nursing Perspective 3
NUR 520 Curriculum Development in Nursing 3
NUR 601 Nursing Research Methods II 3
NUR 602 Health Care Policy 2
NUR 604 Nursing of Populations I 4
NUR 605 Nursing of Populations II 4
NUR 626 Practicum in Nursing Education 4
NUR 627 Issues and Trends in Nursing Education 3
NUR 698 Independent Study (optional) 1-3
NUR 699 Thesis (optional) 1-3
ETE 565 Technology in the Classroom 4

Minimum number of hours required to graduate: 40