Cleveland State University
The Office of Business Affairs & Finance

April 10, 2012

I want to take a moment to clarify some confusion about the Campus Village construction project. Several years ago, as part of Cleveland State's Master Plan, the University resolved to make the North Campus property available for private development. The goal was to promote local growth, increase the downtown residential population and stimulate an emerging campus neighborhood with residents affiliated and unaffiliated to the University.

Because a publicly funded University cannot support private housing, CSU sought independent developers willing to invest in the area. After CSU issued a request for proposals, Polaris Real Estate Equities presented Cleveland State with a plan to build a private mixed-use development with their funding and under their management.

To begin, Polaris competitively bid all of the construction work and awarded the jobs based on qualified companies with the lowest proposals. As a result of the bidding process, 75 percent of the vendors selected are Cleveland-based firms, and nearly 40 percent of the workforce is represented by unions.

Cleveland State respects the right of groups and individuals to voice their concerns, but it is also important that the campus community is aware of all of the facts surrounding this issue.

Driving down Chester Avenue, you can already see how the Campus Village is changing the local landscape. It is adding vitality to the neighborhood, fueling the local economy and driving additional development to the area. I look forward to the long-term benefits this project will provide for not just Cleveland State but for this entire area.

Stephanie McHenry
Vice President
Business Affairs & Finance


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