Messaging and Collaboration Services


Q. What is engage365?

  • Engage365 is the CSU branded name for Microsoft’s Office 365 product. Office 365 is an online, cloud based subscription service that provides email and shared calendars. Select any of the links on the left of this page for additional information on a particular product.

Q. What does "cloud-based" and "in the cloud" mean?

  • Cloud computing, or being "in the cloud," means that a third-party (in this case, Microsoft) provides the applications via the Internet and stores the data on their servers.

Q. Is my information safe "in the cloud"?

  • Multiple copies of your data are stored for redundancy purposes. The data is encrypted when accessed from the server. The end result is an online service that has the equivalent reliability and security as an on-campus server.

Q. How often will I be required to change my password?

  • Your password will never expire, nor do we require you to change it at specific intervals.  However, we do recommend that you take it upon yourself to change your password at regular intervals.

Q. How do I access my mail from a mobile device?

  • The most common method of accessing your account through a mobile device is through "Exchange" or, if you are using an iPhone or iPad, you may use the free "App".   For additional information concerning accessing your account select "Email - Enage365" on the left of this page, this will take you to the location that contains additional information concerning your engage365 account, and will expand to provide links to address access via a specific method.

Q. Can I change my email address to something else?

  • You email address can only be changed due to a name change within the system.  For additional information concerning this, and account eligibility, select "Messaging Services" on the left of this page.

Q. How will I access engage365 e-mail, calendar, and contacts?

  • Engage365 is accessible through any supported web browser or client.  For details on how to access your engage365 account, and a list of supported browsers and clients, select "Email - Engage365" on the left of this page.   To access via a browser, sign in with your CampusNet credentials at

Q. How do I determine the quota limit for my mailbox and how much is currently being used?

  • Sign into your email account at Select "Settings" (gear icon) in the upper right corner; Select Options and then expand the heading titled "General".  Select the sub-heading of "My Account".  Information concerning the quota for your email account will be listed under a bar entitled "Mailbox Usage".

Q. Can I delegate access to my email and/or calendar to someone else?

  • Yes, however, you may only delegate access to another engage365 account. For additional information concerning this, select "Email - Engage365"  on the left side of this page.  It will expand, select the method you are using to access your account.  Any permission settings granted while accessing your account via the web will be recognized by any supported client, so the individual accessing your account need not use the same method you are to access.

Q. I need to send emails to a large group of people. What's the best way to do this?

  • Using contact groups is the best way to send the same email to multiple recipients at the same time. Sending a message to a large group of people is the same as sending only one email and avoids dealing with the daily email limit.

Q. Can I forward my CSU account to my personal account?

  • Students, both former and current, do have the ability to set a forwarding on their CSU email account.  To set this option please sign into your CampusNet account at
  • PLEASE NOTE: The forwarding option is not available to faculty and staff members.

Q. Do I need a mail client to use this account?

  • You may use any supported browser, client or mobile device to access your engage365 account.  For a list of supported products please select "Email - Engage365" on the left of this page.

Q. Will my email continue to be scanned for Spam?

  • Yes, Microsoft will be scanning for Spam.

Q. When will my engage365 become active / inactive?

  • Engage365 accounts, along with OneDrive, SharePoint, Lync, Office Pro-Plus and Office mobile, are activated / deactivated based upon an individual's current association with the university.  Please refer to the eligibility list to determine when you may expect your engage365 and above listed services, to be activated or deactivated.  

Q. Why am I not receiving my mail after I have added/removed a forwarding address on my CSU email account?

  • When a forwarding address is either removed or added, it may take up to 2 hours for the change to take effect.  If after this time period has passed, you still are not receiving any mail, please call the IS&T Help Desk at 216-687-5050 or open up an incident ticket by signing into the Easy system.