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This page contains documentation related to specific tasks when using Engage365.  Simply locate the section you are interested in, and within that section will be documentation to the more common tasks.  Should you be unable to locate the information needed, please let us know, we will search for the information requested and provide it to you as quickly as possible.  As an alternative, you may also search for the information within your account, simply select the "?" icon located in the upper right corner, and enter the information you are searching for within the search bar.

Select the section, from the list below, that best represents the information for which you are searching.  Please note, this site is currently being developed, as such documentation will be added on a regular basis, we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.  

Accessing via a browser Accessing via a desktop client
Mobile devices SharePoint
Office365 Video OneDrive
Office365 ProPlus download (MS Office) Skype for Business

Accessing via a browser

change how mail is sorted copy mail to Engage365 from a personal account
delegate an account access a delegated account
define start page upon sign in enable / disable light version
create a rule to redirect mail create a rule
set / change auto reply change theme / picture
add a folder delete a folder
recover deleted item list available apps
create a signature empty trash (manually and automatically)
flag mail as junk flag mail as not junk
send an attachment tasks
create and manage sweep rules change "reply all" button to "reply"
turn off clutter  
share a calendar access a shared calendar
change access level create a calendar entry
create a personal contact create a personal group
update / delete personal contact update / delete personal group
create a personal mail list  

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Accessing via a desktop client

Set up access for Outlook Windows Set up access for Outlook MAC
create a signature  permit pictures to download
sign into 2 or more accounts export mail
remove an existing profile import a data file
change sorting of mail add a new folder 
delete a folder flag mail as junk
purge trash  recover deleted items
share a calendar open a shared calendar
sharing & accessing shared contacts  

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Mobile devices

Please note: Microsoft is making some changes to the Office apps on iOS 7 devices. Beginning when Apple releases iOS 9, Microsoft will release updates to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that will only work on iOS 8 and above. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote will no longer receive updates on iOS 7, but will continue to function with a degrading experience over time.  Microsoft recommends upgrading to iOS 8 or above.

Apple Devices (iPhone / iPad)
Email set up Download instructions for Outlook App for iPhone
Backup Wireless setup
Download instructions for Microsoft Office mobile products

For special instructions for adding HTML Rich signature on iPhone and iPad devices, please click here

Email set up Download instructions for Outlook App
Backup Email set up (Samsung)
Outlook App Setup  
Download instructions for Microsoft Office products (phone)
Download instructions for Microsoft Office products (Tablet)
Engage365 setup  
Engage365 setup  
Wipe a mobile device from Engage365

If the event arises where a mobile device, that was set up to access an Engage365 account, needs to be remotely wiped, please follow the steps listed within this documentation: wipe a mobile device from Engage365

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Managing versioning setting  

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Office365 Video

Uploading Videos

Videos are uploaded to specific channels, and multiple videos may be uploaded to a channel at the same time.  In order to load a video to a channel, the individual must have edit permission for that particular channel.  Office 365 Video comes with one pre-configured channel, which is named Community.  By default, everyone has edit and view permission to this channel. Follow this link for additional information on uploading videos.

Using Channels

Individuals may create and manage channels within their own account.  Channels can be created for particular subjects, projects or individuals and are simply a means to organize videos.  Access to these groups is created and managed by the individual on whose account they reside. Follow these links for additional information on creating and managing a channel in Office 365 Video  and managing your Office 365 Video portal.

Sharing Videos

To share a video with other individuals, they may be embedded within your SharePoint site, or a site you administer, or a link may be emailed to an individual.

To display a video that is stored within the Office 365 Video portal on a SharePoint site or other website by adding the embed code for that video to the page where you want the video to appear. Follow this link for additional information to embed an Office 365 Video on your site.

To send a link to a video in an email, select the video in Office 365 Video and then copy the URL from the browser address bar.

Other individuals will be able to see the video if they have permission to view the channel that the video is in.  For additional information about channel view permissions please review the information listed above under using channels.

Additional Information

What is Office 365 Video and information on completing basic tasks 

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Managing versioning settings Share a document

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Skype for Business

Directions for accessing Skype for Business for Windows

Directions for accessing Skype for Business for MAC

Additional information concerning this product can be obtained by going to the  web page supported by Microsoft

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What is Delve along with an overview of the various sections of the Delve page.

Find people and information Store documents where Delve can find them
Group and share documents How to use the content cards
View and edit your profile Make your content matter
Kind of information found  

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