Messaging and Collaboration Services


Engage365 email is a product supplied and supported by Microsoft with an availability of over 99.9% and is accessible through various methods.  It is a product that is both reliable and flexible to meet your email needs for both work and school as well as personal.  You can access your email, calendar and task list from anywhere in the world by simply signing into your account via a supported browser.  But you are not limited to one device, this system is easily accessible from mobile devices as well as supported desktop clients.

Each account is assigned a quota limit of 50 Gb for the mailbox portion of the account.  To determine your individual usage, select "Settings" (gear icon) in the upper right corner; select "Options"; expand the heading titled "General" and then select the sub-heading of "My Account".  Information concerning the quota for your email account will be listed under a bar entitled "Mailbox Usage".

For information concerning various limits associated with the Engage 365 account, such as mailing limits, message size limits, etc., please select here.  This link will redirect you to a site managed by Microsoft.  When viewing the information, refer to the information in the columns that contain "Office 365 Education E1" within the column header.

In the event that someone has, or you suspect someone may have, gained unauthorized access to your email account, please change your password.  Once your password has been changed sign into you email account, via a browser, and check your account for any possible changes that may have been made to your account.  Should you still have questions or concerns, please call the IS&T Help Desk at 216-687-5050.

For information concerning your email account when accessed via a specific method, please select the information listed under the appropriate section listed on the left side of this display.

Engage365 email accounts, along with any associated services, are activated / deactivated based upon an individual's current association with the university.  Please refer to the Messaging Services page for information concerning address assignment and account eligibility to determine if you are eligible for this service.