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A Look at Past Learning Communities


Learning Communities at Cleveland State University were first offered in Fall 2007 through a Title III Grant from the US Department of Education with the goal of developing Learning Communities that would best support CSU and its first-year students.

With new themes offered each semester, the Learning Communities have proven beneficial for our students. Students who have participated in CSU Learning Communities have:

  • A higher retention rate than their counterparts.
  • A higher GPA than their counter parts.
  • A strong foundation for their college career.
Spring 2011
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  • Evidence Based Learning and Bioscience
  • Paraphernalia for Health Related Careers
  • Transforming Communities through Active Leadership and Engagement
Fall 2010
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  • Diversity on the Page and Stage
  • Enterprise in a Global Marketplace
  • Intercultural Realities in a Multicultural World
  • Linguistic Diversity and Human Interactions
  • Matters of Gender and Race in Modern Society
  • Mystery and Learning in the City
  • Scholars in Global Society
  • Scholars in Technological Society
  • Science of Life and Health
  • Sustainability and Stewardship: Protecting the Future of the Planet
  • Undergraduate Research Experience
  • Vital Signs: Understanding the Ecology of Health
Spring 2010
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  • Positive Change: Leadership and Service in Contemporary Society
  • Social Movements and Changing Realities
  • Rhythms, Rhymes and Other Structures of Life
Fall 2009
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  • Culture and Other Complexities of Diversity
  • Entrepreneurial Business and the Global Marketplace
  • Experiences in Global Cultures and Class
  • Global Leaders in Community Service: a Living Learning Community
  • Images, Realities and Constructions of Society
  • Phenomenal Physics
  • Science and Soul
  • Virtues, Voices & Vibes in the Spoken Word
  • Women in Society: Gender Still Matters
  • Weekend Learning Community
Spring 2009
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  • Civic Engagement & Social Working
  • Healing Across Cultures
  • Urban Sensibilities: Embracing Local Challenges with Global Understanding
  • Virtues, Voices & Vibes in the Spoken Word
Fall 2008
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  • Cities, Sanctuaries and Social Change
  • Colors of Mind: History, Culture and Social Life
  • Computer and Information Science
  • Demystifying Math and Science: Unveiling the Secrets to Success
  • Energy and City
  • Gender Matters: Exploring the Social Significance of Sex
  • Images, Social Actions and Change
  • Life, Leadership and Logic
  • Politics of the Global Market Place
  • Power, Passion and Privilege
  • Science in Service to Society
Fall 2007
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  • Astronomy, Philosophy, and Science Fiction
  • Cities, Sanctuaries, and Social Change in American History and Literature
  • Energy and City
  • How We Know What We Know About Molecules and Living and Nonliving Systems
  • Human Language, Human Reason
  • Understanding Culture through the Expressive Arts
  • Wizards of Light and Sound
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