Center for International Services & Programs

Transfer Students

Transfer to CSU
  • The start date at CSU must be within 5 months after the last day of your last term at your current school. This means that you can remain in the United States for NO MORE than 5 months between completing your current school and beginning studies at CSU.
  • For students on OPT, the course of study must begin within 5 months of the end of OPT.
  • The electronic transfer MUST occur within 60 days after completion of your last term or in the case of OPT, the last day of your OPT.
  • Once a SEVIS record is sent, it cannot be retrieved past the "release date.If you inform your current school prior to the "release date," they can cancel the transfer.
  • CSU does not have a transfer form to be sent to your current school.
  • If you are not in valid F-1 status, your record can still be transferred but CSU must file for reinstatement of your immigration status upon your arrival.

You should inform your current school of:

  • You intent to transfer
  • The complete name of Cleveland State University and its code CLE214F00211000.
    • Your current school will transfer your record in SEVIS to CSU and enter a "release date" ( the date that your SEVIS record will transfer to CSU and usually the end of the current semester)
    • CSU will issue a new I-20 as soon as it receives the following documents: 
      • Bank statement that will show sufficient funds to cover your expenses at CSU.
      • Your address in your country of origin and your new Cleveland, Ohio address.
  • The Center for International Services and Programs at CSU will issue you a transfer "Form I-20". This becomes your current, valid I-20.
  • You must have this new I-20 no later than 15 days after the start of classes or you will be considered to have violated your F-1 status. Once you are registered at CSU and classes begin, this will be recorded in SEVIS and your SEVIS record will change from "initial" to "active" and the transfer will be considered completed. 
To TRANSFER your SEVIS record TO A NEW SCHOOL, you must do the following:
  • Complete the "Transfer Out"  form from CSU, attach a copy of your admission letter from the new school. You may FAX everything to (216) 687-3965, or drop it off in MC 106.
  • In choosing a "release date," you should choose the last day of your last term at CSU, unless there are extenuating circumstances that require you to have the I-20 from the new school sooner. 

SEVIS works very much like paying your bills online. A request to transfer can be made in to the future and the record will be released on that date. For example, if you request that your record be transferred in February for a release date of May 13th-the record will be released on May 13th, even though the request was made many months earlier.

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