Center for International Services & Programs

Study Abroad Application

All students planning to study abroad must submit an application for approval to the Center for International Services and Programs. Students apply for approval to study abroad and then for admission to their selected program, if necessary.

An Application Booklet (check back soon for file)  will help you to understand the differences between the program types and lead you to more detailed advice on how to select the best program for you. 

Residency Requirement

Any undergraduate student in their senior year (above 90 credits) seeking to study abroad through a program provider or direct enrollment option (i.e. earning study abroad transfer credit at CSU) must petition the University Petitions Committee for an exemption from the senior residency requirement. Information regarding the residency requirement can be obtained from the Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Senior standing is reached whenever an undergraduate student has earned 90 or more credit hours. Please consult the Class Rank section of the Undergraduate Catalog for more details.

Petitions for the University Petitions Committee may be obtained from College Advising Offices and must be accompanied by an essay and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member from the student's major department. All complete petitions are reviewed and submitted by a College advisor on behalf of the student. The Committee generally meets once a semester so advanced planning is recommended for any junior/senior seeking to study abroad.