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Please submit this form a minimum of 5 business days in advance of your planned arrival to Cleveland State.

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All of our short term temporary housing services are for a maximum of 4 days (3 nights only). This is so that we can accommodate other incoming students who would also be looking for a place to stay. While this service is free, the majority of our hosts are working people from the community and are vouched for by our campus affiliates, and are simply voluntary, and as such, you may be requested to to leave or return to their home around their working schedules. Often our hosts are able to drop you and pick you back from the campus at arranged times. They will provide for you a safe place to store your luggage while you are on campus doing registration and looking for your permanent accommodation. Your hosts may or may not be able to help you look for accommodations. This would be your own responsibility. A simple breakfast is generally provided. You will be responsible for getting your own lunch/dinner at or around the campus area. The Center for International Services & Programs will do their best to assist/connect you to fellow students from your country or other international student organizations and trusted community people. Please note and respect that all of our temporary hosts' homes are SMOKE FREE, and some may or may not have pets. If you have allergies to cats, - please let us know in advance. Should you not be able to find accommodations at the end of the three night stay, we will move you to a nearby hotel/motel of your choice. Most students are able to find accommodations during this time. Note: Our temporary hosts ARE limited. We will let you know 3 days ahead before your departure flight whether or not we have secured a host for you. If we cannot find a host for you, we will bring you to one of the neighboring motels close to campus.