Center for International Services & Programs

International Day 2012

November 12th-16th is International Education Week around the world. The major event to celebrate this special week on our campus is:

International Day on Wednesday, November 14th.

International Day is a long standing tradition at Cleveland State University and is a great opportunity for you to introduce your culture to the campus community.

The event will be held in the MC Building from 10 am until 2 pm and what happens during that time really depends on you!

In previous years, we had a great turnout with amazing student performances, exhibits and food samplers. The event was so impressive that it got front page coverage in The Plain Dealer three out of four years. All of this was accomplished by student involvement. We have over 70 countries represented on campus. Some countries have over 100 students and official student organizations. Some countries have only a few students represented. All are welcome to participate.

Please contact for those interested in participating in International Day 2012.

Click Here to see International Day Event Pictures.