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CSU in Prague

August 8- 15, 2015
International Field Experience in Accounting

Program Description

This study abroad program provides students the opportunity to learn about the culture and financial markets in the Czech Republic as CSU travels to the Eastern European city of Prague. This program showcases the progression of this historical region as it transitions to an active member of the European Union (EU) by focusing on meetings with EU representatives, international accounting firms to discuss the adoption of International Accounting Standards, international banks to examine the role of the financial markets in this changing economy, and finally through a visit to the historic city of Vienna, Austria, to see the stock market.

Academic Program

This program is intended to broaden a student's awareness of the international business climate. It will provide an understanding of the economic, political, and cultural aspects of doing business in the recent European Union entrant, the Czech Republic. In addition, it will expose students to the role of internationl financial markets and the expertise that international acccounting firms have provided as this former Eastern Bloc country makes the transition to membership in the EU. This seminar is a field-based course that enables students to observe international environments and study, first-hand, two international accounting firms and two international banks as well as meeting EU reps and visit other companies operating in this economy. Additionally, students will spend a day visiting Vienna, Austria to experience the Vienna Stock Exchange and other sites in this world famous city.  Students are required to enroll in the 3- credit course for this program: ACT 496 or ACT 696. The course includes the international component in August as well as three mandatory pre-departure meetings held at noon on three Saturdays in the months preceding the travel. The final paper is due sometime in the fall semester (see course syllabus).


Minimum undegraduate cumulative GPA of 2.0; minimum graduate cumulative GPA of 3.0. At the time of application, the CSU student must have completed at least two semesters at CSU if a first-year, or at least one semester if a transfer or graduate student. The applicant must not have any red flags on their Treasury Services account and no infractions of the Student Code of Conduct that would prevent successful participation on this program as determined by CISP and the Judicial Affairs Office. As a pre-requisite for this course, students must have completed or be enrolled in ACT 221 (if undergrad) or ACT 501 (if MBA) at the time of application or summer 2015.Charles


The program fee is TBA and will include:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Hotel (double occupancy)
  • Breakfasts and a few dinners
  • Visits to businesses
  • Ground tranportation in Europe

The program fee does not include CSU tuition for the required 3-credit course. It does not include lunches, most dinners, souvenirs, site seeing or historic landmark tours. Students should budget an extra $500 - $600 for these expenses. Students are also personally responsible for passport and/or visa fees (when necesssary), health insurance with international coverage, and other incidentials.


The TBA cost is broken down into 3 payments:
  • $250 payment due with application (see application for instructions on how to make this payment).
  • $X is due April 21, 2015.
  • The remainder of the feee, $X is due a month later on May 21st.

You make payments toward these charges just like you would for tuition, electronically through Campusnet or by cash/check through the Cashier’s desk in Main Classroom or by mail. The remaining program fee (-$250) will be on your CSU financial account once accepted on the program. If your program fees are not paid by payment deadlines, you may be removed from the program but still owe the fees.

Financial Aid

Students may use Fall 2015 financial aid to pay for the program fee (except for the application deposit which must be paid at the time of the application).

In order to apply Fall financial aid toward the fees, the student must provide the CISP with a copy of their financial aid award for 2015-16 reflecting that the student has enough Fall aid to cover both their tuition costs of all courses taken in the Fall term and the program fee. This printout must be submitted to the Center for International Services and Programs by the payment deadline.


There are two scholarships available to students on this short term program. Eligible students can apply for the CISP Education Abroad Scholarship  (click on the link to go to the eligibility requirements for the scholarship as well as to downloan the application forms). Additionally, the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors may donate scholarship money. Contact the program director for details.

Do I need a Visa?

If you are not a United States citizen (even if you are a Permanent Resident), you may need a visa to enter the Czech Republic and Austria.  If you have any questions regarding visas, contact the Center for International Services and Programs. The staff will assist you in making any visa applications necessary.


The program application and deposit information will be available in December. Please check back



Dr. Heidi Meier C.P.A
Professor of Accounting
BU 517

Julie Good
Center for International Services and Programs
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