International Admissions

International Admissions - Certification of Finances/ I-20

Listed below are the procedures necessary to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility (the SEVIS I-20 for F-1 student status). The process for issuing your Certificate of Eligibility will begin once you have been admitted to the University and have submitted the necessary documentation to our office. If you are currently holding an F-1 Student Visa and are transfer from another US Institution to CSU, you will still need to follow this procedure.

ALL STUDENTS – We are required by the Department of Homeland Security/US Citizenship and Immigration Services to carefully check the financial ability of each student prior to requesting approval to issue your SEVIS I-20. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the cost of attending CSU and that you have all necessary funds to support yourself. You must comply with the following procedures:

  1. Meet the annual estimate of costs stated below.
  2. Complete the Declaration and Certificate of Funds form and include appropriate documentation. It is very important that all questions be completed and accurately answered in order to avoid unnecessary delays in processing
  3. Return the  Declaration and Certificate of Funds to:
Cleveland State University

Office of International Admissions

2121 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Your Declaration and Certification of Finances will be reviewed by the Office of International Admissions to determine your ability to meet the financial obligation while you are attending the University. If your DCF is not approved or if there are additional questions, you will be notified by mail.


Degree Undergraduate-

Graduate- Masters Graduate- Doctoral Graduate-

Tuition & Fees 12628 16856 12096 25148
Room 5000 5000 5000 5000
Board 3200 3200 3200 3200
Books and Supplies 1000 1000 1000 1000
Health Insurance* 2058 2058 2058 2058
Local Ground Transportation 250 250 250 250
Personal Expenses 1600 1600 1600 1600
Total (Academic Year-=Fall & Spring semester) $25736 $29964 $25204 $38256
Summer 6314 8426 6048 12574
Total (Includes Summer Semester) $32050 $38390 $31252 $50830


Fees not included in Tuition:

  1. International orientation fee ($75 paid only one time)
  2. International service Fee ($30 per semester)
  3. UPASS ($25 per semester), provides free travel by Bus + Rapid to all CSU students.

Students must carry health insurance while enrolled at Cleveland State University. Transportation does not include round-trip airfare, it only includes local costs. Students with families should add the following amounts: Spouse - $3,500.00, Child - $2000.00, 2nd Child - $1,500.00


TRANSFER STUDENTS–The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that you obtain from your current institution a release before your new SEVIS I-20 is issued.

Please note that this process will take a few days; the papers need to be electronically forwarded and approved by USCIS before issuing the SEVIS I-20 OR DS2019 form.

MARRIED STUDENTS -A married student who plans to bring his/her dependents will require an additional $3,500.00 for the spouse and $2,000.00 for each child. These amounts should be added to the total under the appropriate column. Additional insurance for family of F-1 students is optional but highly recommended. F-2 dependents are not permitted to work or enroll in classes.

ENROLLMENT-IMMIGRATION REGULATIONS REQUIRE that graduate international students enroll full-time which is at least 9 credit hours per semester. Students who are admitted in the summer semester must enroll full time for that semester and subsequent terms.


  1. All bank, scholarship, and sponsor letters must be originals with original signatures. COPIES OR FAXES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  2. All bank, scholarship, and sponsor letters must be originals and specify the amount of funding available to you. If currency other that U.S. Dollars, please indicate equivalency.
  3. Letters must be current. Correspondence older than 6 months from expected entry date will not be accepted.
  4. Your name must appear on bank, scholarship and sponsor letters.
  5. The funding you demonstrate must be sufficient to meet the costs of attending Cleveland State University as specified.

Your failure to comply with any of the above conditions may delay your admission to the University.