University Scholars Program

About the University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program provides scholastic opportunities to very talented students. Students who may want to participate in the Scholars Program include traditional students who took honors courses in high school, or students with high grade point averages or standardized exam scores (like the SAT or ACT).

Non-traditional students, such as part-time students, students with work or family obligations, or students who apply late to the university, may also consider applying for the Scholars Program.

As a Scholar, a student has the opportunity to take more challenging courses, work directly with professors on research projects, and enroll in special sections of designated courses. Opportunities for internship experiences may also be available for Scholars with certain majors.

One of the most unique opportunities presented to University Scholars students is the chance to engage with other high-achieving students who have similar academic interests through learning communities or interest clusters. These communities offer opportunities for study groups, networking, large research projects, and many other activities.

The University Scholars Program recognizes and rewards high-performing students. Upon successful completion of a rigorous Scholars curriculum, academic honors are listed on the student's transcript and diploma.

University Scholars is an academic program. Scholars are urged to explore internal and external sources of financial support for their education. More detailed information about financial aid through CSU is available via the Internet Welcome to CSU Financial Aid Office.


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