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Academic Plan
  • Students with sophomore standing or higher will work with their faculty advisor to develop an academic plan that leads to graduation with the Scholars recognition. Students with fewer than thirty credit hours completed since graduation from high school are not required to have an academic plan until their second year in the program.
  • Guidelines for University Scholars Academic Plans for Upper-Division Students: The student, working with the Departmental Liaison, faculty mentor, or another appropriate faculty member in his or her department will be responsible for choosing a set of courses that will meet both the requirements for the major and the student's goals. This plan will be a non-binding "contract" called the University Scholars Academic Plan, open to renegotiation. This plan will articulate a clear set of academic goals and include proposed coursework and activities to help the student achieve those goals. All University Scholars Plans and renegotiated plans must be approved by the Program Director and will be kept on file in the Honors Office.
  • Depending on the major(s) and goals of the student, the University Scholars Academic Plan might include additional honors work in established courses, enrollment in graduate courses, participation in a faculty member's research project or laboratory, an independent research project, a service-learning project, and/or an internship, job, or co-op experience. If appropriate, students will also be encouraged to attend professional meetings. For each upper-division Scholars student, the Program Director is responsible for keeping a record of the Academic Plan, monitoring progress, and intervening when appropriate.
  • University Scholars Program Academic Plan Form

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