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The University Scholars Program provides students with committed and personalized advising. Students in the program will meet with a Scholars advisor each semester and are encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis. Scholars advisors monitor student progress and intervene when students have difficulties and/or when opportunities arise in which a student may have an interest.

There are two types of advisors in the University Scholars Program: Scholars Advisors and Faculty Advisors.

  1. The Scholars Advisor is the primary advisor for incoming freshman Scholars students and for Scholars students who have not yet selected a major. All Scholars students are encouraged to meet with their Scholars Advisor prior to the beginning of each semester to discuss plans for registration. First semester freshmen are strongly encouraged to meet with their Scholars Advisor at mid-semester to discuss their academic progress. If a student is considering changing majors, withdrawing from or adding a class, or making others changes to their academic plan, they should always consult their Scholars Advisor before making the changes to be sure that they have obtained necessary permissions and that the Scholars Program has accurate records regarding their academic progress. Finally, students beginning their senior year in the University Scholars Program should contact their Scholars Advisor to initiate their graduation application.

    The Scholars Advisor is a good resource for exploring opportunities in general education, selecting an academic major, and for information about opportunities for academic enrichment. Students interested in study abroad, service-learning, and national scholarship competitions should consult with their Scholars Advisor about these opportunities.

    Scholars students who experience problems or who have questions or concerns about their program should contact their Scholars Advisor for assistance. The Scholars Advisors commits to giving each student personal attention and to helping resolve problems as they arise. However, students are expected to take the initiative in seeking assistance when necessary.

  2. Each Scholars student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor in the department in which they plan to major. The Faculty Advisor assists students in the development of meaningful educational plans. He or she will work with the student to help define the student's educational goals, design an appropriate path for achieving them, and help coordinate upper-division honors courses (including undergraduate research, thesis, and internship experience) with degree or major requirements. During the second semester of the sophomore year, the student and Faculty Advisor will work together to develop a Scholars Academic Plan.


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