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Quality academic advising is highly valued at Cleveland State University.
Please take a few moments to provide us with your feedback.

1. What was the purpose of your visit today? (check all that apply)

Other (please explain)

2. On average, how often do you meet (or do you plan to meet) with an academic advisor?

3. What methods do you use to prepare for an advising appointment? (check all that apply)

4. Following your appointment, what steps do you plan to take? (check all that apply)

Other (please explain)

5. Which of the following best describes your overall experience(s) with academic advising?

6. For each of the following, please check the box that best indicates your level of agreement with the statement on the left.


Do Not Know

Strongly Disagree




Strongly Agree

I understand the distinction between Gen Ed and major requirements.

As a result of my appointment, I understand my progress toward completing a degree.

I understand that advising is a shared responsibility between the advisor and me.

After my appointment, I understood what I needed to do and/or what decisions I needed to make.

My advisor is a good resource for advice about college and university procedures.

My advising appointment has helped me to set realistic academic goals.

I understand how to access and interpret my Degree Audit in CampusNet.

I am knowledgeable about college and university programs, policies, and procedures.

I am pleased with the assistance that I received from my advisor during this appointment.

7. Please check the box for the response that you feel is appropriate.

My advisorů

Not Applicable

Strongly Disagree




Strongly Agree

Creates an atmosphere in which I feel comfortable

Is prepared for my scheduled appointment

Answers my questions effectively and/or refers me to the appropriate contact

Is knowledgeable about college, university, and honors program requirements

Responds to my phone calls and/or emails in a timely manner

Shows concern about my academic progress and for me as a person

Helps me plan a course load that takes into account my work and/or other commitments

Is helpful in assisting me if I have a problem

Is someone I would recommend to other students

Please take a moment to respond to the following questions:

8. What has your academic advisor done for you that you have found particularly helpful? (Please be specific) .

9. What could your advisor do to be more helpful? (Please be specific)

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