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Peter Meiksins
Member Title College Term Ends Email Address
Peter Meiksins Director of Honors Program Honors Program p.meiksins@csuohio.edu
Brian Mikelbank Associate Professor of Urban Affairs Urban Affairs 2013 b.mikelbank@csuohio.edu
Susan Becker Professor of Law Law 2013 s.becker@csuohio.edu
Michael Kalafatis Professor of Chemistry Science and Health Profession 2013 m.kalafatis@csuohio.edu
Jorge Gatica Professor of Chemical Engineering Engineering 2012 j.gatica@csuohio.edu
Lori Peterson Assistant Professor of Health Care Administration Business 2014 l.t.peterson66@csuohio.edu
Kiril Streletzky Associate Professor of Physics Sciences and Health Professions 2013 k.streletzky@csuohio.edu
Matt Jackson-McCabe Associate Professor of Religious Studies College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2013 m.jacksonmccabe@csuohio.edu
Jeremy Genovese Associate Professor of Curriculum & Foundations Education and Human Services 2013 J.GENOVESE@csuohio.edu
Meshack Owino Associate Professor of History College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2014 M.OWINO@csuohio.edu


Student Division College Year
Arit Umana Honors-Lower College of Business Sophomore
Olivia Smosarski Honors-Upper College of Urban Affairs Junior
Courtney Maddock University Scholars Sciences and Health Professions Senior

To assure faculty participation in the operation of the CSU Honors Program, an Honors Council will be established. The Honors Council's major responsibility will be to institute and monitor policies under which the Honors Program will operate; it will have the power to create standing and ad hoc committees to effectuate those policies and goals.

The Honors Council will consist of seven full-time elected faculty members with three-year, renewable, staggered terms; three appointed "teaching" faculty members with one-year, renewable terms; two honors students; and the Program Director as an ex-officio member. One member each will be elected by faculties of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Science, the Fenn College of Engineering, the College of Education and Human Services, the James J. Nance College of Business Administration, the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

The elected members of the Honors Council will appoint three "teaching" faculty representatives each year for one-year, renewable terms from faculty members who are scheduled to teach honors courses and who are not already members of the Honors Council. Two of the teaching faculty members will be those teaching lower-division courses and the third will be teaching as part of the upper-division Honors Program. Finally, the Program Director will select two honors students each year to serve on the Honors Council, one from the lower-division and one from the upper-division of the program.

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