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Alumni Association

The CSU Honors/Scholars Alumni Association was established in 2010. It is open to all graduates of the CSU Honors or University Scholars Programs. Alumni Council members are held approximately once a month – all alumni are welcome to participate. Announcements and details of meetings are available from the CSU Honors Alumni Facebook page. Or you can contact the Honors Program office for information about upcoming meetings and activities.

The CSU Honors/Scholars Alumni Association was established in order to:

  • provide opportunities for Honors and University Scholars students to meet and interact with those who have gone before them.
  • help alumni become reacquainted with and network with other graduates of the Honors and University Scholars programs
  • keep alumni informed about CSU’s Honors and University Scholars Programs, their staff and students
  • encourage directed alumni contributions
  • involve alumni in efforts to build the Honors and University Scholars Programs at CSU

Giving Back... Building a Future

As an alumna or alumnus of CSU’s Honors or Scholars Programs, you no doubt appreciate the significant differences your participation in these programs made in your academic experience. If you believe that experience made a difference in your life, consider joining the CSU Honors/Scholars Alumni Association.

Get Involved

We're always looking for alumni who would like to give some of their time and talents to our students.
Contact: 216 687 5559; honors.program@csuohio.edu

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