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These are guidelines, not rules. They may vary with individuals and should be discussed with your doctor. These tests and procedures may or may not be covered by insurance.

Test or Procedure Age Frequency
Clinical exam and health history
(including but not limited to physcial exam and review or history and lifestyle)


Every 2 years.
Every year.
Oral Exam/MD/DDS 18 & over
High risk groups (tobacco, alcohol)

Every 1-2 years.

May be done by a dentist.

Bood Pressure 18 & over Every 3 years,
if BP <140/85.
Cholesteral 18 & over Every 5 years if < 200.
Every 1-2 years if > 200.
Blood Sugar 18 & over Consider yearly for persons at high risk (obese and over age 40, postive family history, history of diabetes with pregnancy).
Breast and pelvic exam

40 & over

Every 1-3 years.
Every year.

Pap 18 & over Every 1-3 years after 3 consecutive yearly normals.
Mammography 40-50
65 & over
Every 1-2 years.
Every year.
Every 1-2 years.
Breast self-exam 18 & over Same time each month.


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B






18 & over
18 & over

18 & over

18 & over

18 & over

18 - 24

18 & over

18 & over

Every 10 years.
One dose annually
(usually Sept. - Dec.)
Two doses required. (Recommended for people who travel outside the US and for people at high risk.)
Three doses required. (Recommended for adolescents and high-risk adults.)
Two doses required. Recommended for people who have not had chicken pox.
One dose. Recommended for college freshmen and students who live in residence halls.
Two doses required. (Recommended for general public and for people born after 1965.)
People age 2-65 who are at high risk, and all people 65 and over.
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