Health & Wellness Services

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Its the responsibility of the patients to:

  1. Inform health care providers of all information pertinent to the reason for the visit, any changes in their health status, including medication that could affect their treatment.
  2. Adhere to a prescribed treatment plan and to discuss any desired change or lack of compliance.
  3. Act in a considerate and cooperative manner with the CSU Health Services Staff.
  4. Weigh the consequences of refusing to comply with instructions and recommendations.
  5. Assist the health provider in compiling a complete record authorizing the CSU Health Services center to obtain necessary medical information from appropriate sources when needed.
  6. Keep appointments on time.
  7. Cancel appointments only when necessary and far enough in advance as possible so
    that other patients might utilize that time.

NOTE: If the patient refuses treatment and uses these guidelines to do so, he/she is wholly responsible.The best promotion of health care is for it to be done as team effort with his/her health care provider, utilizing both rights and responsibilities.

Patient Rights