Hardware and Software

Available Software

IS&T provides a standard software image for all PC’s and Laptops purchased through the University PC Procurement Program.  This set of software includes:

  1. Windows 64-bit
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (Virus and Spyware)
  4. Outlook
    • Mail
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
  5. Internet Explorer
  6. Mozilla Firefox
  7. Adobe Reader
  8. Media Players
  9. OneDrive (1TB Cloud Storage)
  10. Lync (Collaboration)

IS&T maintains site licenses for the following products that can be requested for installation.  (See Request Software Installs)

  1. SAS
  2. SPSS
  3. McAfee Virus Protection for MACS

We maintain a discount buying program with Adobe software whereby Adobe products can be purchased from CDWG.com at a volume discount. 

A contract is maintained with Frontdoor Software to allow Faculty, Staff and Students to load software onto their laptops (CSU and/or Personal) that will help reduce crime and provide laptop recovery services should your laptop be stolen.  Visit Front Door Software for more information and the download link.