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Graduate and Teaching Assistantships - Types of Assistantships

Types of Assistantships

  • Research/Professional Development Assistantships - Assist the CSU faculty and/or staff members in conducting research or performing activities relevant to their degree program. These are assigned to faculty or staff who are working in a variety of different areas to extend the students' research experience and professional development.
  • Teaching Assistantships - Assist departments in carrying out undergraduate instructional programs. Teaching Assistants aid faculty members in assembling classroom materials, leading class discussion groups, supervising laboratory sessions, tutoring, evaluating student per-formance, and carrying out other related instructional activities.
  • Other - To be used only with prior permission of the dean.
  • International Teaching Assistants - whose native language is other than English may not be assigned direct instructional activities until they have taken the "Speak Test." This will assess and certify a student as proficient in spoken English. Assessment and certification are conducted by the University Testing Center. For more information visit:



















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