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A Message from the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

On behalf of the Graduate Faculty of Cleveland State University, I extend a warm welcome to you. The opportunity you have been given as a Teaching Assistant is a vital one to your graduate program, college, and the university. Therefore, I know that you will take it seriously. It is an apprenticeship not only in teaching, but is also an opportunity to be a role model for younger students in your field and to display your leadership abilities.

The 2009 edition of the CSU Teaching Assistant Handbook is designed to be user friendly; you can access the information that you need quickly and efficiently.

If you are not familiar with Policies and Procedures for Teaching Assistants, then I encourage you to read through the first section of the Handbook. The other three sections of the Handbook provide advice, ideas, and models for teaching and learning. If you wish to incorporate online technology, put course materials on Electronic Course Reserve, or require tutoring assistance for your students, all the information you need is just a click away in the 2009 Handbook.

Please remember that as a Teaching Assistant at CSU, you have a rich array of resources to help you become a better teacher and for your students to achieve their course goals.

Good luck with your teaching assignment and with your own graduate studies.

Jianping Zhu, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies

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