College of Graduate Studies

Graduate Admissions FAQ

How To Apply

How do I apply to a graduate program at Cleveland State University?
You may use the online application or download and print the
paper application.

What materials do I need to submit?

  • Transcripts: You must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions
    you have attended. An "official transcript" is sent directly from
    the institution to our office. If you attended Cleveland State
    University the Graduate Admissions staff will obtain that transcript.
    Graduate Admissions will accept hand-delivered transcripts if
    they are presented in the issuing institution's sealed envelope
    and bear the appropriate seals and signatures.
  • Application Fee: Degree-seeking, certificate, and licensure applicants must pay
    a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $30.00. The fee
    can be paid electronically through the on-line application, or
    it may be paid by check or money order. Make the check payable
    to Cleveland State University and send the check to the Office
    of Graduate Admissions
  • Test Scores (GRE,
    GMAT, MAT):
    Not all programs require test scores. Check the program's admission
    requirements in the Graduate
    For information on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) visit
    For information on the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT)
    For information on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) visit
    This test is administered by the CSU
    Testing Center
    , phone 216-687-2272.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Not all programs require letters of recommendation. Check the
    program's admission requirements in the Graduate
    . You may create a recommendation account from the graduate
    admissions web site
    , download and print a letter of recommendation
    form for your recommenders to use, or ask your recommenders to
    e-mail your letter to
  • Personal Statement: Some programs require a personal statement, a statement of purpose,
    or a statement of research interests. Check the program's admission
    requirements in the Graduate
    . Personal statements should be submitted to the Office
    of Graduate Admissions. Please put your name on each page of your
    personal statement.
  • Supplemental Application: Some programs require a supplemental application. Check the program's
    admission requirements in the Graduate
    . Supplemental applications are submitted directly
    to the program.

Where do I send my materials?

Send all materials to:
Office of Graduate Admissions
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Ave., MC 116
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
FAX: (216) 687-5400
PHONE: (216) 687-5599

If delivering documents in person:
Office of Graduate Admissions
Cleveland State University
Main Classroom Room 116
2258 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115

Are there Application Deadlines for my Graduate Program?
Some programs have early deadlines or only admit new students
for certain terms. If you are applying to a program without a
specific deadline, please submit materials six weeks before the
start of the term.

How do I check my status of my Application?
Call (216-687-5599), for International Admission Information contact
us at 216.687.3910, or e-mail (
the Office of Graduate Admissions to find out what materials have
been received. We cannot divulge admissions decisions by telephone.

How do I defer my Application to another semester?
Applications can be deferred for up to one year from the originally
requested start term. For example, applications for Fall Semester
2010 can be deferred until Fall Semester 2011. Requests for deferral
must be made in writing to this address. You may e-mail your request
please include your full name, CSU ID number, and your new start
date in the body of the e-mail message.

Admission Decisions

How will I know if I have been admitted?

The Office of Graduate Admissions will send e-mail notification to applicants within 24 hours of receiving the decision of your program director. A formal decision letter, which may contain specific enrollment requirements or other instructions, will follow by U.S. Mail. Admission decisions cannot be released by telephone.

What can I do if I am unable to submit all materials in time?

You may defer your application to a future term by mailing a request
to this address or faxing it to the Office
of Graduate Admissions
at (216) 687-5400. The request can also
be sent by e-mail to

You may also enroll as a non-degree graduate student by submitting
a new application. Not all programs allow non-degree students
to enroll in their courses. Check the program
for program contact information.

What is the admission decision process?

The materials you submit to the Office of Graduate Admissions
are made available to graduate program directors for review and
evaluation. The decision of the graduate program is communicated
to Graduate Admissions and the decision is communicated to the
applicant by e-mail and U.S. Mail. Check with the graduate program
for more details. (see program list)

I was admitted but I cannot attend this semester. Can I defer my enrollment?

You can defer your admission for up to one year. Make the request
to the Office of Graduate Admissions in writing, either by US
mail, fax (216-687-5400) or e-mail to

Programs which admit students on a cohort basis (i.e., all new students start in Fall Semester only) may require a new application for the next cohort. Check with the program for more information.

My application was denied and it was suggested that I attend as a non-degree student to strengthen my application. How do I do that?

You must file a new application, either by completing a new electronic
application or by downloading and printing the paper form (see
Non-Degree Students).

My application was denied and I plan to apply again. What do I need to submit?

You must submit a new application, even if you have been attending
CSU as a non-degree graduate student. You may not need to re-submit
other materials; check with the Office of Graduate Admissions
to see what materials are on file. You do not need to pay the
fee again.

Tuition and Financial Aid

What is Ohio Residency?

Ohio residency guidelines are established by the Ohio Board of Regents (O.B.O.R.), which is the planning and coordinating agency for higher education in the State of Ohio.

What does it cost to attend CSU as a graduate student?

Check the Cashier's Office web page
for information on the payment of tuition and fees, including
payment plans and third-party payment information. New Tuition
and Fees for 2010-2011.

Can graduate students receive financial aid?

Yes. Graduate students should file the Free Application for Federal
Student Aid Form (FAFSA) at
Cleveland State University's code is 003032.

Graduate students are eligible for loans and Federal Work-Study;
contact Campus411 at (216) 687-5411.

How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

Each program has its own process for awarding graduate assistantships, so please contact your program for specific information. General information about graduate assistantships can be found here.

International Degrees/Credentials

I have a degree from a university outside the U.S. How should I apply for admission?

Native citizens, naturalized citizens, and permanent residents apply as domestic students. International transcripts must be evaluated for U.S. degree equivalency and grade point average conversion. Transcripts should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

You may be required to submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Michigan Language Test (MLT) or provide other proof of English proficiency, as outlined here. U.S. citizens shall not be required to submit proof of English proficiency.

The MLT is administered by CSU's Testing Center, 216-687-2272.

Applicants who are not US citizens or permanent residents must follow the international application procedures, described here.