The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program

Fulbright Recipient
Howie Smith

Professor, Music Department:
Coordinator, Jazz Studies
Chair, Art Department

MU 341
(216) 687-2104

Australia, 1973-74

I was to establish the first jazz studies program on a tertiary level in Australia at the New South Wales State Conservatorium. The host institution applied for a continuation of the award for 1974-75. The experience was invaluable on both a professional and personal level. The success of the program was a result of exchanging information and ideas to create something that was much more than a revised model of programs that already existed in the United States. I'm happy to say that 30 years later the program is still one of the most successful components of the Conservatory, and some of the most creative and well-known jazz musicians in Australia are counted among its graduates.

I have continued to correspond and collaborate with Australian musicians, and elements of Australian music and culture still find their way into the ideas I have and the music I am making today.