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University Transportation Center


The mission of every university is to instill knowledge and provide a rigorous process that insures that the graduates of our programs are intelligent, trained and prepared for employment in today's economy. The faculty associated with the Transportation Center have crafted a curriculum in each of the attending disciplines that guarantees that students matriculating from those disciplines meet the mission stated above. To demonstrate this we list the titles of the masters theses and doctoral dissertations of those students supported by the Center with graduate assistantships.

In addition, the CSU-UTC seeks to put the benefits of its research in the hands of those who can use it best. To pass on this knowledge, Center staff continually work to publish research results in peer reviewed journals, trade publications, and other professional media.

Publications are separated into several categories: peer-reviewed articles/reports, conference papers, ther professional publications and student theses and dissertations.


  • But What Does This Have To Do With Science: Building the Case for K-12 Engineering Professional Development. Micah Maranda Arafah, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, May 2011.
  • A Risk-Based Approach For Examining Vertical Separation Distances In On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems, Anthony Janicek, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, December 2010.
  • Broader Use of Steel Slag Aggregates in Concrete, J.P. Patel, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, December 2008.
  • A Sensor Network System for Monitoring Temporary Work Zones, Manohar Bathula, Masters Thesis Cleveland State University, December 2008.
  • Reducing Concrete Cracking for Structures and Pavements, John Cleary, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, December 2007
  • Laboratory Evaluation of Fatigue Behavior of Thin Bonded Overlays on Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements, Nader Amer, Doctoral Dissertation, Cleveland State University, May 2007.
  • Effects of Secondary Tasks on Driving Performance in Work Zones, Ayan Gosh, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, May 2007.
  • Field Performance of Portland Cement Pervious Concrete in Freeze-Thaw environments, Daniel Miller, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, May 2006.
  • Investigation and Evaluation of Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Using Nondestructive Testing and Laboratory Evaluation of Field Samples, Aleksander Mrkajic, Masters Thesis, Cleveland State University, May 2006.



  • Incorporating Engineering in Science Curriculum: An Example Activity and a Wealth of Resources. Debbie K. Jackson. Diane Burrowbridge. Proceedings of Science Education Council of Ohio 2010 Conferene. February 25-27, Columbus, OH.
  • Integrating Engineering into High School Curricula. Joseph E. Marencik, Stephen F. Duffy, Diane E. Burrowbridge, and Nigamanth Sridhar Proceedings of the 2009 Northeast American Society of Engineering Education Conference. April 3-4, 2009, Bridgeport CT, USA. To appear.


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Mailing Address
University Transportation Center
Fenn College of Engineering
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Ave., SH 107
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214

Campus Location
Stilwell Hall Room 107
1980 East 24th Street
Dr. Stephen Duffy, Director
Phone: 216.687.3874
Fax: 216.687.5395

Nigamanth Sridhar Ph.D.
Associate Director, Research
(216) 687-5341

Debbie Jackson Ed.D.
Associate Director, Education & Training
(216) 687-3753

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