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University Transportation Center

2009 Engineering Education Summer Conference

The 2nd Annual Engineering Education Summer Conference (E.E.S.C.) ran June 23-25, 2009 at Cleveland State University, Cleveland’s MC2STEM High School at GE's Nela Park campus, and Shaker Heights High School. Teachers from Cleveland and Toledo area schools participated in the three-day conference to learn hands-on engineering activities to take back to their classrooms. The CSU University Transportation Center and the MC2STEM Hub of the Ohio STEM Learning Network sponsored the event. Conference activities included breakout sessions for 16 middle grade and 18 high school level teachers.

For Agenda and Presenter Information see EESC 2009 Flier


Conference Pictures

Deborah Howitt draws Plato's Allegory of Cave at MC2STEM.


Jeff McClellan discusses MC2STEM High School with EESC09 teachers.


Jason Weaver, Brian Kroth, and Tom Verlie work as a team on Plato's Allegory of the Cave.


Michele Engel and Esther Jayaparum fit plastic to their slot-car chasis.


Linda King gives ideas on Plato's Allegory of the Cave to Esther Jayaparum, Licia Kovach, and Greg Tilton.

Joe Marencik tests Adam Purdy's slot-car as Scott Kutz and Tony Barbuto look on.



Tim Smith holds his team's drawing of their interpretation of Plato's Allegory of the Cave while Marie Walsh explains and Adam Purdy and Lisa Lauria listen.

Scott Kutz explains SketchUp to EESC09 high school teachers.


Michele Engel, Marie Walsh, and Lisa Lauria learn SketchUp as Scott Kutz demonstrates the program on screen.



Charles Harkens, Lorretta Scott, and Soraya Ahmad twist the rubberband on their airplane.


Bevon Simmons and Theresa Vincent improve their egg-drop containers.

Tom Verlie and Jason Weaver create slot-cars from modeling clay.



Lorretta Scott , Lorri Turner, and Soraya Ahmad Laurel finesse their egg-drop containers.

Glenda Sealy, Michele Clark, Terri Lyles, Jo Dell Wade, and Teo Marti discuss airplane desgin.


Diane Reeder, Meg Hoare, and Terry Hastings design bridges with straws.



Terri Lyles enjoys the Segway as Gregg Schoof and Adam Purdy watch.

Soraya Ahmad, Lorri Turner, Lorretta Scott, Terry Hastings, Terri Lyles, Marti Teodor, Glenda Sealy, and Jo Dell Wade: the EESC09 egg-drop container finalists.


Michele Clark, Jo Dell Wade, Glenda Sealy, Marti Teodor and Terri Lyles work individually on their egg-drop containers.



Diane Reeder drives the UTC Driving Simulator.


Dr. Zhao speaking, during an informational lecture on iPod Touch at CSU.


Lindsey Grospitch, Amy Brodsky, builing a straw-rocket.



Lisa Lauria blows up a balloon to power a car, during the SWE presentation at CSU.


Lisa Lauria points to and explains the Plato's Allegory of Cave; Tim Smith, Marie Walsh standing and Adam Purdy sitting.

M Clark, T Marti, G Sealy, T Lyles and J Wade make straw-rocket launchers.



Nigamanth Sridhar explains Wireless Sensors Networks.


Roy Sierleja from GE Institute answers questions.


Terry Hastings, Diane Reeder and Meg Hoare experimenting with egg-drop items.



Bevon Simmons, Lorretta Scott create confetti launcher.


Cindy Murphy, Elizabeth Pozydaev and Maria Baker.


Gregg Schoof on Segway; L Fernandez, B Kroth, J Weaver, T Verlie, R Hofer watch.



Joe Marencik gets Adam Purdy's slot car for thermal forming; Tim Smith and Tony Barbuto watch.


Joe Marencik launches straw rocket as middle grade teachers watch.


L Fernandez, T Hastings, N Sridhar, E Jayaparum, M Engel, L Grospitch and T Funk watch the VEX demo.



Lorraine Turner presents to middle grade teachers.


Michele Clark watches Amy Brodsky test egg-drop.

Mitch Dorsey gives ideas while Bill Scanlon, Tony Barbuto and Deborah Howitt draw.


Mitch Dorsey, Vic Stefan carve slot cars from modeling clay.

S Kutz, V Stefan, C Harkness, B Scanlon, J Marencik demonstrate a human-suspension bridge.

Terry Hastings slinky SWE presentation.


Tuwhanna Lewis gives info to EESC09 teachers about roadshow.


Tim Funk is testing airplane; Lindsey Grospitch, Bevon Simons and Bill Scanlon watch.


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