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Tutoring for Undergraduate Engineering Students

Free tutors are available for Washkewicz College students in many engineering courses upon request. Some engineering classes may also offer study groups or have graduate students that are available to assist undergraduates. Students are also advised to make themselves aware of their professor's office hours in order to obtain help with class work. A sign-up sheet for tutoring is available in the Engineering Dean's Office, SH 104, or call (216) 687-5272. You can also request tutoring by filling out the online form below:

  • Students are advised that tutoring may not be available in all subject areas at all times. If a tutor is not available for the subject area in which you need help, we will work with you to try to identify a classmate or graduate student to help you on a temporary basis, and will pay that individual for the time that they tutor you.
  • No tutoring is available on weekends or after 8 p.m. on weekdays without approval from the Dean’s Office.
  • All tutoring must take place on the CSU campus. Tutors are provided to assist you with your work, not to do your work for you.
  • Tutoring is provided for CSU engineering students at no cost.
  • Tutors are paid through the Engineering Dean’s Office.
  • Students are advised to consult directly with their professors to discuss difficulties that the student may be having in class. Students should also inquire about student-led study groups that may exist in their class. Students should also check on their professor’s office hours and request time to meet with their professors to discuss any problems/questions that the student may have.
  • Tutoring is limited to a total of 15 hours per student per semester.

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