Fenn College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department

Cleveland State University

MCE-367 – Machine Design I

Spring 2010, SH 314, Tue/Thurs 1:00-2:50pm

Objective: To provide students a systematic approach for design and analysis of machine components within the framework of realistic constraints such as cost, size, weight, materials and safety. The emphasis is on the design of machine components for strength. To convey to the students and understanding of: Stress, strain and stress strain relationships; Introduction to finite element methods; Failure theories under static loading; Failure of machine members under fatigue loading; Design of threaded fasteners; Design of mechanical springs, and other topics as time allows.

Textbook:      Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design, Ninth Edition, Richard G. Budynas and Keith Nisbett, , McGraw Hill Book Company

Reference:      Fundamentals of Machine Component Design, Juvinall and Marshek, Wiley

                        Also, any undergraduate Strength of Materials textbook

Instructor:     Dr. Michael L. Adams, mla2@mvibe.com

Material to be covered:

Chapter and sections   Description

                                    Review of Strength of Materials

3.1-3.12                       Stress, strain, stress and strain relationships, finite element methods

3.13                             Stress concentration

3.14-3.17                     Cylinders and shrink fits

4.1-4.10                       Beam topics

Midterm I                  Date TBD

5.1-5.10                       Static theories of failure

6.1-6.16                       Fatigue

8.3-8.11                       Fasteners and power screws

10.1-10.15                   Mechanical Springs

Midterm II                 Date TBD

13.1-15.9                     Gears, selected sections of Chapters 13-15 as time allows

17                                Flexible mechanical elements, selected sections

19.1-19.7                     Finite element analysis

Midterm III               During scheduled Final, Tuesday May 11, 4-6pm


Grading:        Midterm I      100 Points       Midterm II     100 Points       Midterm III   100 Points

                        Quizzes           100 Points       Homework     100 Points       Project            100 Points


  1. Homework will be assigned every Tuesday and collected the following Tuesday.
  2. Quizzes will be held every Thursday. They will be based largely on the homework that was due that week or from the lecture material from the previous week.
  3. Attendance is mandatory. Tardiness and leaving class early without prior arrangement are not acceptable. Homework is collected at the 4pm sharp and will not be accepted after the lecture begins. Quizzes may be given at any time during Thursday's lecture.
  4. Bring your book and notes to every quiz and exam.
  5. Absolutely no electronics other than your calculator may be used during class unless you have spoken to me ahead of time about it.
  6. Grades on any given assignment, quiz or exam are based on the University standard plus/minus system.