Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Studies

Evening Program

The mechanical engineering program of study that leads to the BME degree can be completed on a part-time basis after normal working hours. The program is especially appealing to the non-traditional student: the individual who went to work immediately after high school and now finds themself working alongside engineers. Students in the evening program must complete all of the same coursework as required in the regular daytime curriculum. The evening student however, takes one half the regular courseload every semester so the entire program can be completed in eight years instead of four years of full-time study.

Courses are scheduled in the 4:00-6:00 PM, 6:00-8:00 PM, and 8:00-10:00 PM time slots on a rotating basis Monday through Thursday. Students who cannot leave work for 4:00 PM classes should contact the department chairman for assistance in scheduling their coursework in the later time slots.

A recommended sequence of coursework is listed below. However, based on course offering and work schedules, students should be prepared to substitute alternate courses into this sequence. Substitute courses should be chosen carefully to ensure that course prerequisites are satisfied.


Semester 1 Fall Semester   Semester 2 Spring Semester
ESC-100 New Student Orient ESC-120 Intro. to Eng Design
CHM-261 Gen Chem I ESC-151 C Programming
CHM-266 Gen Chem Lab I MTH-182 Calculus II
MTH-181 Calculus I    
Semester 3 Fall Semester   Semester 4 Spring Semester
ENG-101 English I PHY-242 Univ Physics II
PHY-241 Univ Physics I ESC-270 Material Science
Semester 5 Fall Semester   Semester 6 Spring Semester
ESC-102 Tech Wrtg/Prof Comm ESC-201 Statics
IME-250/251 Matl Proc/Lab ESC-250 Diff Equations
GenEd Elective   MTH-283 Multivar Calculus
Semester 7 Fall Semester   Semester 8 Spring Semester
ESC-211 Strength of Materials ESC-315 EE Concepts
ESC-202 Dynamics MCE-255 CAE Design
ESC-350 Lin. Alg/Num Mthds    
Semester 9 Fall Semester   Semester 10 Spring Semester
ESC-301 Fluid Mechanics MCE-371 Vibrations
ESC-321 Thermodynamics I MCE 367 Machine Design I
ESC-310 Eng Statistics & Prob    
Semester 11 Fall Semester   Semester 12 Spring Semester
MCE-305 Kin/Dyn of Mach MCE-380 Instru. & Meas. Lab
MCE-324 Intro to H.T. MCE-421 App Thermo
    GenEd Elective
Semester 13 Fall Semester   Semester 14 Spring Semester
MCE-441 Intro to Linear Cntls PHL-215 Eng Ethics (Wrtg)
MCE-4XX Lab Elective ESC 282 Eng Economy
GenEd Elective   GenEd Elective
Semester 15 Fall Semester   Semester 16 Spring Semester
MCE-450 Des Project I MCE-451 Des Project II
MCE-4XX Tech Elective MCE-4XX Tech Elective
GenEd Elective    


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