Industrial Space Systems Lab



Efforts within the ISSL aim to find better, more industrialized solutions for existing problems, such as having large structures in-space, or providing a means to bridge the gap between existing fibers, and the promsie of carbon nanotubes.

In late 2003, CSU began exploring a satellite program.  We asked, how would the this effort standout? After all, as both Dr. Taysir Nayfeh and NASA’s Fred Wolfe would ask, does the world need another university satellite program?

CSU, and Northeast Ohio in general, know manufacturing. It was decided that this might provide a unique perspective on the space industry.  The satellite program began in earnest, with a select group of faculty, staff and students.

What follows is a listing of the research efforts underway within the ISSL:

ISSL Team Photo
The VIKSAT1 Team During the Critical Design Review


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Industrial Space Systems Lab
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