WASHKEWICZ College of Engineering

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Collaborative functions of FRDI are handled on a project basis. A project may be initiated by a faculty, or a corporation, or an agency, or by ISC itself. First, a Project Outline is developed detailing (where applicable):
1. Project title
2. Background
3. Scope
4. Description
5. Deliverables
6. Timeline
7. Manpower
8. Facilities/Equipment
9. Tentative Budget (subject to appropriate CSU approvals)

Project Outline is reviewed by the Associate Director for ISC to determine the recommended course of action to the director of FRDI. Possible action outcomes are:
• Referral to Joint Research Projects for external funding: projects typically involving one or more external parties which have a wide scope and good potential to attract additional funding and collaborations.
• Referral to CSU-OSPR: projects that may involve protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights of CSU employees.
• Execute direct contract, or provide services/facilities: projects that do not involve CSU-IP such as equipment use-for-fee which may only require a PO.