Fenn Academy

Faculty Lecture Program

Listing of Engineering faculty and their topics of presentation.

Professors Topics
Dr. Eugenio Villaseca Getting Power to the People - Production and Distribution of Electricity in Today's Cities
Dr. Dan Simon Evolutionary Optimization
Dr. Majid Rashidi Fighting Friction in Machinery - Lubrication and bearing Design
Dr. Mounir Ibrahim
  1. Thermoforing: How Plastic Parts are produced
  2. Stirling Engines for Space and Terrestrial Applications
  3. Gas Turbines for Aeroplanes
Dr. D. B. Shah
  1. The Role of Puzzles, Paradoxes and Games in the Development of Mathematics
  2. Pie, e and i - The Three Most Important Numbers in Mathematics

The Washkewicz College of Engineering faculty members are available to come to Fenn Academy High Schools to give presentations to your classes. A three week advance notice is requested.

For more information or to arrange a lecture, contact Mr. Gregg Schoof, at (216) 687-5272.