Coop Engagement Event 2013

The Engineering Cooperative Student & Employer Engagement event, organized and hosted by the Cooperative Education Office at the Fenn College of Engineering, introduced over 100 engineering students to potential employers. The event took place over two days, Thursday and Friday October 3rd and 4th, at the Fenn College of Engineering. It was the first event of its kind at the Fenn College of Engineering and at Cleveland State University. Close to 50 local and global companies were present through top-notch representatives, all of which were seeking engineering majors exclusively. Student participation was exclusive to engineering students. The event was a great success that employers, as well as students, recommended repeating it annually. It is the anticipation and the vision of the Co-op Education Office to increase participation for next year. Participation is open to all companies interested in engineering talent and potential at the Fenn College of Engineering. For further information about the event and/or participating in the future, please contact the Cooperative Education Manager, Sandra English, via phone at 216-687-6968 or email