Coop 90th Anniversary Celebration 2013

The Fenn College of Engineering celebrated its 90th Cooperative Education anniversary on Thursday November 7, 2013 in the Fenn Tower Ballroom. The last event of this kind, the 75th Cooperative Education Celebration, took place 15 years ago. Organized by the Cooperative Education Office, the event hosted over 100 guests from industry partners to faculty, staff, alumni and students.

The celebration was an enriching experience for everyone who attended.  The event began with refreshments and cocktails followed by the program opening welcome remarks. President Berkman welcomed everyone and highlighted the history of Fenn Engineering and the importance of experiential learning opportunities specifically co-ops for engineers. Provost Deidre Mageean expressed the importance of Cooperative Education in molding modern aspiring engineers. Dean Karlsson then gave the guests a brief insight into the future of the Cooperative Education Program and the corresponding vision of the Fenn College of Engineering.

The event proceeded with testimonials from current students in the Cooperative Education Program (Co-op). The students shared their thoughts regarding their experiences. Dan T. Moore, CSU’s Board of Trustees, discussed the importance of Co-ops for career success. Joseph Feigenbaum, senior electrical major and Russell Chiles highlighted the Cooperative experience from the perspective of the student and employer. Sandra L. English, the Manager of the Cooperative Education Program, gave recognition to industrial partners and faculty.  Dr. Byron White, Vice President of University Engagement, thanked everyone who has contributed to the success of the program and the event.  Paul M. Pawlaczyk, Fenn College Director of Development, unveiled the Cooperative Education Program Scholarship.

The celebration was an immense success that lived up to the indescribable history and astonishing reputation of the Fenn College of Engineering. Special thanks are extended to everyone who participated in making this event possible.