Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Course Syllabi

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Course Number Course name
EEC 310 Electric Circuits I
EEC 311 Electric Circuits II
EEC 312 Electric Circuits Laboratory
EEC 313 Electronics I
EEC 314 Electronics II
EEC 315 Electronics Laboratory
EEC 316 Electronic Devices Lab
EEC 361 Electromechanical Energy Conversion
EEC 383 Digital Systems
EEC 384 Digital Systems Laboratory
EEC 414 Writing in Electrical & Computer Engineering
EEC 417 Embedded Systems
EEC 421 Software Engineering
EEC 430 Digital Signal Processing
EEC 440 Control Systems
EEC 441 Control Systems Laboratory
EEC 442 The Art and Science of Feedback Control
EEC 443 Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems
EEC 447 Engineering Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers
EEC 450 Communications
EEC 451 Communications Laboratory
EEC 460 Engineering Electromagnetics
EEC 470 Power Electronics I
EEC 471 Machines/Power Electronics Laboratory
EEC 473 Power Systems
EEC 474 Power Electronics II
EEC 483 Computer Organization
EEC 484 Computer Networks
EEC 485 High Performance Architectures
EEC 486 Operating Systems
EEC 487 Advanced Digital Systems
EEC 488 Hardware-Software Co-design
EEC 492 Special Topics
EEC 492 Hands-on Experience on Computer System Security
EEC 492 Software Defined Radio
EEC 492 Prosthesis Design and Control
EEC 493 Senior Design I
EEC 494 Senior Design II
EEC 495 Undergraduate Research
EEC 495H Honors Research
EEC 496 Independent Study
EEC 499H Honors Thesis