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Doctor of Engineering Students

Jianping Guo Sliding Mode Control for a Nonlinear Interconnected Power System Lili Dong
Prasanth Kandula hardware implementation of a robust controller onto a packaged micro-machined gyroscope Lili Dong
Yang Zhao nonlinear control for power assist steering systems Lili Dong
Mubin Onarcan Relationship between Software Design Patterns and Software Defects Yongjian Fu
Han Zhang Advanced control Zhiqiang Gao
Qinling Zheng Advanced control Zhiqiang Gao
Bryan Welch Large Aperture Inflatable Antenna Surface Profile Impact on RF Radiation Patterns Murad Hizlan
Stanley Siwale Secure Industrial Wireless Triggering Murad Hizlan
Fady Ameer Alghusain Laser Triggering of Lightning Murad Hizlan
Dawei Du Biogeography-based optimization for the traveling salesman problem and complex systems Dan Simon
Mehmet Ergezer Oppositional biogeography-based optimization Dan Simon
Rick Rarick Optimization and control of a regenerative prosthetic leg Dan Simon
Lifeng Luo Power Supplys for welding applications Ana Stankovic
Looja Tuladhar Control of custom power system (CUPS) devices using active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) F.Eugenio Villaseca
Seth Myers
Jiapeng Wang Ultrasensitive Biodetection using FEED Technique (Field effect enzymatic detection) Siu-Tung Yau
Limei Hou Designing and Comparing the Mobility Models for UAV Reconnaissance Applications Chansu Yu
Robert Fiske Chansu Yu
Brian Krupp Security for mobile devices Wenbing Zhao
Hua Chai Application-aware Byzantine fault tolerance Wenbing Zhao
Mamdouh Babi Byzantine fault tolerance in collaborative editing Wenbing Zhao
Roanna Lun Motion tracking and analysis based on depth cameras Wenbing Zhao
Honglei Zhang Byzantine fault tolerance Wenbing Zhao
Mohammad Khorrami Ye Zhu
Jonathan Gurary Ye Zhu


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