MASTERS THESES SUPERVISED (graduation year in parenthesis)

Kareem Suhwail (2012)
Synchrophasors’ Application in SVC for Industrial Networks

Edward Oshaben (2010)
DC-DC Power Converter design for Application in Welding Power Source for the Retail Market

Rajmohan Rangarajan (2008)
A Novel Cascaded Multilevel Converter

Francis Johnson (2003)
Study of a Six-Pulse, Three-Level, Static Synchronous Converter

Vikrin Harsya (1999)
Performance Analysis of the Coupled Inductor Boost Converter

Juan Etheridge (1998)
A Unified Power Flow Controller Model Study

Anthony Krecic (1994)
Design of a High-Power and High-Voltage DC Power Supply

Sal Alshabani (1994)
A Procedure for Modeling and Simulating Power Converters

Hai-Yu Liu (1994)
Chaos: Excitation and Control

Laszlo Ilyes (1992)
The Study of a Constructive Methodology for Enlarging the Estimated Domain of Asymptotic Stability in Nonlinear Systems

Chuan-Hsi Liu (1992)
Modeling and Multivariable Control of Robots

Andrew O'Connor (1991)
A Performance Model of Space Station Power Distribution

Charles Lawrence (1989)
New Methods and Views for Multivariable System Identification

Tounsia Djamah (1987)
Multivariable System Identification

Wael Ali (1986)
Study of Off-Line System Identification Techniques

Elie Ghantous (1985)
Reliability Analysis of Repairable Three-State Device Networks

Hussein Boudiab (1985)
Fast Second-Order Hybrid Power Flow Solution

Mehrdad Saif (1985)
Optimal Load-Frequency Control: A Multilevel Hierarchical Approach

Adib Chebli (1985)
DC Motor Adaptive Speed Control

Pierre Abboud (1984)
Power Flow Solutions under Nonlinear Loads



Looja Tuladhar (in progress)

Bharat Vyakaranam (2011)
Modeling and Control of FACTS Devices

Allen G. Morinec (2005)
Optimal Generation Bidding Strategies for Power and Ancillary Services

Taufik (1999)
Parallel AC-AC Converters Using Master Slave Control

Laszlo Ilyes (1999)
Feedback Linearizing Control of MIMO Power System

Jaw-Long Cheng (1998)
Identification of Nonlinear Systems with Memory Nonlinearities

Youakim Alkalaani (1995)
Unit Commitment with Fuel and Environmental Constraints

Zhijun Liu (1993)
Optimal Generation Scheduling in Large-Scale Power Systems

Frank Renovich, Jr. (1989)
Fast Thermal Pumped-Hydro Generation Rescheduling

Ahmed Rubaai (1988)
Hierarchical Control of Transient Stability in Multi-Machine Power Systems

John Petre (1987)
Continuous Cardiac Output by Impedance Measurement in the Heart

Masoud Fathizadeh (1987)
Power System Stability Margin Optimization Subject to Parameter Constraints

Mehrdad Saif (1987)
Detection of Sensor Failures in Linear Dynamical Systems

Behruz Fardanesh (1985)
Optimal Generation Scheduling: A Two Step Approach