Professional Engineer (P.E.), Ohio No. E-0 36356
Sigma Xi
Tau Beta Pi
Eta Kappa Nu
American Society for Engineering Education
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IEEE Computer, Education, and Power Engineering Societies


IEEE Past - President                                                             1998,1999
IEEE Board of Directors                                                         1991-1994, 1996-1998
IEEE Executive Committee                                                      1993,1994, 1996-1998
IEEE President                                                                        1997
IEEE President-Elect                                                               1996
IEEE Vice President -- Professional Activities                          1993,1994
IEEE United States Activities Board (USAB)                           1984-1986, 1991-1994
IEEE USAB Chair                                                                   1993,1994
IEEE Regional Activities Board (RAB)                                     1981-1983, 1991,1992
IEEE Region 2 Director                                                            1991,1992
IEEE Educational Activities Board                                            1982,1983, 1991,1992
IEEE Region 2 Vice-Chair                                                        1989,1990
IEEE Region 3 Vice-Chair                                                        1986,1987
IEEE Publication Board                                                            1984-1986
IEEE USAB Member Activities Council Chair                          1984,1985
IEEE Student Activities Committee Chair                                  1981-1983
IEEE Student Activities Committee                                           1978-1980
IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Committee                             1978-1980
IEEE Transactions on Education, Editor                            1984-1986

Joint Ed. Society & ASEE EE Division Newsletter Editor         1981-1986 
IEEE Transactions on Education, Reviewer                               1982-1984
Have served as a member of several, International, national, regional, and local committees.

CONSULTING EXPERIENCE:  Consultant since 1967 working with the following:

  Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
  Warner-Robins AFB
  Fowler Board of Education
  Youngstown Board of Education
  Warren Board of Education
  Trumbull County Board of Education
  Roth Brothers Cooling and Heating, Inc.
  Lordstown Board of Education
  Hubbard Board of Education
  City of Youngstown
  General Extrusions, Inc.
  State of Ohio (Department of Energy)
  Aluminum Association
  Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, VA
  Lorain Thew Shovel, Lorain, Ohio
  Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education
  Crawford and Company Insurance Adjusters
  Atlantic City Electric
  Law firms’ expert witness in over 30 cases